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  1. Avishek Mukherjee says:

    Hi Ankit. I am really happy to say that your articles are really helpful to me. I think you are the one who can help me to grow up my blog.
    My blog is related to income tax, GST and personal finance. How can I earn money with my blog? Please advise me.

    1. Ankit Singla says:

      Hi Avishek,

      Thanks for dropping your comment. I’ll try my best to assist you in Blogging.

      For a Finance blog, I believe credit card deals, ITR filing and GST course etc will work best. One close friend of mine Pardeep from CashOverflow blog doing the same thing. I would suggest you closely observe what he is doing and try to do the same.

      Hope it will help.


  2. Hello Ankit,

    My areas of interest are: self-development and Financial Planning – with special reference to ‘How to increase savings with the existing income.’

    1. Ankit Singla says:

      Hi Sankar,

      Thanks for sharing your interest. How can I help you in blogging?

  3. Hello Ankit
    I just started blogging few months ago and I want to make famous my blog on Digital marketing and stuff. can I make it possible because its a very competitive niche?. My aim of doing blogging is to improve my communication and writing skills and earn some adsence money through it.

    1. Hey Nikhil,

      Welcome to Master Blogging. 🙂

      Yes, it’s possible to build your tribe in Digital Marketing space as well no matter if it’s competitive. Select a specific set of people in this market and think how you can add value to the community. They will be happy to follow you as a leader. Good luck!

  4. Hello Ankit Sir,
    I, Mohammed Shafi, working as an Assistant Professor, having 3 years of experience in teaching and also a Mechanical Engineering Blogger at mechanicalstudents.com
    I write the content on Mechanical Engineering and soon I am thinking to start a blog on Blogging too.
    Can you tell me(after visiting the above blog), whether I need to do some advanced things before stepping into another niche or shall I start it.
    I stopped making videos on YouTube because In the past, I have 2 channels on YT and by the update of YT of 4000hrs watch time, I had left both channels because they had not met that criteria.
    After several months, when I had seen that by Blogging on Google you should have to become famous on your own but here on the YT, it gives the push to your videos so that it can deliver your brand to at least a few and that’s the reason I had now started a YT Channel on Mechanical Engineering.
    Now tell me how you can treat this?